MUSA M1.2D is our basic stereo speaker set. Best quality MDF matrix design connected with composite materials were used to provide rigid chassis. No parallel sidewall design was made to eliminate wave interference inside chassis. Scan Speak speakers and specially selected crossover components were used to provide best sound in its class. We recommend our speaker set to be used inside rooms up 30 square meters. Minimum power amplifier power is a 50W. MUSA 1.2D merge together modern design, superb sound quality and best components for the price.
We are offering customization services to satisfy our most demanding customers:

  • choice of color (available all colors from RAL set),
  • spikes (as standard we are offering M8 threaded ports and basic spikes)
  • bi-amping speaker terminals
  • Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Nominal Power: 100 W
  • Efficiency: 88 dB
  • Frequency Bandwidth +/-3dB: 45Hz-28kHz
  • -6dB drop at 35 Hz
  • Characteristic equalization 250Hz-20kHz: +/-2 dB
  • Dimensions (H × W × D):